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  The easy to use guide to 100's of hours of fun and enjoyment in your own back yard  all year round .... share online with your family and friends.

Hi Ron

I sat with my grandson tonight (he is only 2) and looked at the birds in the book on the computer and he was mesmerized as he loves birds. No doubt he will be even more excited now that we will be able to name the birds in the garden so thank you again. I will try to remember to let you know how it goes – will have 8 grandchildren for the holdays so we will give it a good workout then and let them have a little competition. The book is also fantastically practical and just my style so I am looking forward to sharing with the kids.


You never know with schools as to how they will take it up but I think it is fabulous for families. Simple and easy to use so I hope they like it too.


Congratulations to you both   

'Liz McMinn'


Bird Watching In My Back Yard is 60 pages packed with easy to understand information and fun projects based around bird watching in the back yard for years of enjoyment and learning about the environment.

The importance of birds to our environment  

Can you imagine every plant in your garden and the entire world being completely chewed up by insects? Find out why birds are so important to our environment. 

Where to find birds in your garden

Find out where to look for birds in your garden and their favourite spots and why some birds like different areas.

Top tips for bird watching

Get the top tips on bird watching and counting from Bob Winters with thirty five years of experience in watching, recording and photographing birds.    

Twenty four of the most common back yard birds

Find out which birds are visiting your back yard, who they are, where they hang out and how you can help protect them.

Twenty ideas for families to enjoy and protect birds 

Twenty ideas to involve your family in bird watching ranging from organising a bird count, the family quiz on what bird is that and how to establish a bird watch centre on the fridge door plus lots more …  


About the Authors


 Ron Smith is a Melbourne based publicist specialising in      community awareness campaigns with a history of community environmental activity over thirty years.

From leading a major conservation group in the Dandenong Ranges against proposed freeways in Sherbrooke Forest by the Victorian Government and Road Authorities to the development of the Victorian Government’s first water conservation campaign ‘Save Three Buckets a Day’, he has maintained a constant interest in environmental education. 

He trained as an art teacher and was responsible for having first aid tips included in Telephone Books. He created the community awareness program for compulsory pool fencing into Victoria, and is a sponsor of Kidsafe.


Bob Winters 

Bob Winters is one of Australia's leading sustainability educators. For more than 30 years he has been working with children, schools and the community to improve their environment. Bob is an author of more than 80 environmental education and nature books.

He continues to create significant environmental and sustainability curriculum materials for schools. His other major focus is as a successful nature photographer.

   How to Use Bird Watching In My Back Yard

Bird Watching In My Back Yard has been designed to provide parents and grandparents with an ongoing resource for creating simple and easy to organise creative projects based around bird watching.

The book is designed to be printed out with special pages used for the Fridge Door Bird Watching activity. 

Pages on individual birds can be used for posters in children’s rooms or photographs can be cut out for a bird mural.

The design allows for space on a standard A4 page for children to add their own drawing or words to create their own bird watching diary, creating hours of creative and environmental life skill building. 



How to Purchase 

Bird Watching In My Back Yard is an eBook in PDF format purchased online.  You are provided with a download link and a bonus eBook Climate Change in My Back Yard - 20 Fun Projects for Children to make a difference.

The process takes about three minutes and we suggest you create a folder in your computer called Bird Watching In My Backyard to keep all of your bird watching material in one place. 

 ‘The environmental action we take today protects children of tomorrow.’ 

Bird Watching In My Back Yard

Create unlimited opportunities to enjoy time with your children and grandchildren

Get the professional insider secrets on Bird Watching.

Get 20 fun, engaging and easy to use projects on Bird Watching.  

Create ever lasting memories with your children.

Create an online bird journal to share with family and friends.   


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GUARANTEE: If Bird Watching In My Back Yard is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund your money 60 days.



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